Reggae Uprising Podcast

Setting The Precedent

January 03, 2024 Danieal Episode 175
Reggae Uprising Podcast
Setting The Precedent
Show Notes

The selection may be small the quality of works is so impactful and message so highly resonant, anytime you feel challenged, lost or disheartened reach for this episode to show you way back to your mission.

Bob Marley - Selassie is the chapel 
Bunny Wailer - Dream Land
Peter Tosh - I Am That I Am
Garnet Silk - Mystic Chant
Rita Marley - Thank You Jah
Judy Mowatt - Many Are Called
Marcia Griffiths - Stepping Out Of Babylon
Burning Spear - Jah No Dead
Max Romeo - Chase The Devil
Bob Marley - The Heathen
Bob Marley - Forver Loving Jah

Disclaimer : Reggae Uprising Podcast does not own any of the rights to any of the music or extracts featured. It is used only as a tool of education, upliftment and empowerment for and of people of the diaspora.

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