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Peter Tosh Series - Part 2

October 11, 2023 Danieal Episode 163
Reggae Uprising Podcast
Peter Tosh Series - Part 2
Show Notes

Welcome to part 2 of this special series dedicated to Peter Tosh's life and works. This series runs the whole month of October with 4 parts and as this is the month of his birth makes the upliftment of his legacy even more powerful.

So if you haven't already heard part 1, please go back and listen to that before this episode. Make sure to subscribe wherever you're listening, if your not already, so as not to miss the next episode.

There is so much more to his story than we are able to tell within this time frame as celebrating his musical works are our primary focus in this series but we hope this series will inspire you to delve deeper in your own research of life and works.

Peter Tosh Legacy Links

Museum -
Foundation -
Justice for Jawara -
Niambe McIntosh -

Music Featured 

Legalize It 
Till Your Well Runs Dry
No Sympathy
Why Must I Cry
Equal Rights
Stepping Razor
I Am That I Am
Bush Doctor
Walk and Don't Look Back
Dem Haffi Get A Beatin


Disclaimer : Reggae Uprising Podcast does not own any of the rights to any of the music or extracts featured. It is used only as a tool of education, upliftment and empowerment for and of people of the diaspora.

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