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Ancestral Influencers

June 08, 2022 Danieal Episode 122
Reggae Uprising Podcast
Ancestral Influencers
Show Notes

This episode is dedicated to the original influencers; our ancestors. And more specifically what we are focusing on in this episode, Griots; the amalgamation of historian, peacemaker and musician of Africa.

I will share an insight into the world of the griot to spark a fire for further knowledge. Sharing their origins, purpose, instruments and of coarse its only right that we should conclude with a story.

All of the accreditations of works included in this episode can be found via the links in the description. Give thanks for of the featured works and let it serve you, brothers and sisters, as it was intended. To give you an overstanding of who you truly are and your souls purpose through the resonance of your ancestors frequency.


Peter Tosh - African

Toumani Diabate & Sidki Diabate - Jarabi
Youtube Channel : Noise Chamber

Mamadou Diabate Balafon Master Live in India 2016
Youtube Channel : Delicious Tunes

Watcha plays "Djina Bantan" - Kamale Ngoni Music from West Africa
Youtube Channel : Smerin

Youssou N'dour ft Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds

Youtube Channel : The Centre for Sound Communities
The Sunjata Story - Glimpse of a Mande Epic

Bob Marley - Jah Live 

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