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The Life & Times Of Covid UK

March 02, 2022 Danieal / Empress Zauditu Ishuah Episode 110
Reggae Uprising Podcast
The Life & Times Of Covid UK
Show Notes

As March marks the month that the UK experienced its first lockdown, we will be featuring guests from different countries sharing their experiences of the pandemic over the past 2 years. They will share how living in the world of Covid has impacted their lives, our community, moments in history and their expectations for our future. This series will feature the UK, Jamaica, USA and Ethiopia.

This weeks episode The Live & Times of Covid UK features surgical care practitioner and CEO of charity sick be be nourished; Empress Zauditu Ishuah.

Connect with Empress Zauditu

Facebook : Sick Be Nourished
YouTube: Sick Be Nourished

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