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September 23, 2023 Danieal Episode 160
Reggae Uprising Podcast
Griot Uprising
Show Notes

Last weeks episode marked the passing of Reggae Uprising Podcast guest, Kokumo Noxid by celebrating his life and works as a griot, through the re-release of his interview, recorded in the very first year of the show, 2020. We also added an extra recording of his works at the conclusion of that episode.

With this in mind, to celebrate the importance of his work and all those within this calling, we have dedicated this episode to poets, dub poets and griots, combined with of coarse our musical storytellers Reggae artists.

All the links to creative artists works featured in the episode can be found below, so you can support their works.

Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier

Mojiba Ase - One perfect Love

Kazayah - Mr Sunshine

Theresa Lola - Sing with Me and Do Not Die of Thirst

Kokumo Noxid - Wounded Soldiers

Crystal Valentine - Black Privilege

Burning Spear - Christopher Columbus

Lady Brion - I Talk Black

Rita Marley - Harmabee

Kale Nelson - War on Black Boys

Yeza - God African

Benjamin Zephaniah - Money

Autarchii & Donovan Joseph - Howellites

Mutabaruka - Whey Mi Belang

Yasus Afari & Beres Hammond - Mama Africa We Love You

Christian Paige - Asking For You

Dennis Brown - Queen Majesty

Sue Brown - My love is Irie accompanied by Asha Barns on guitar

Alison Hinds & Richie Spice - King & Queen

Medisun - Ancient Memories

Disclaimer : Reggae Uprising Podcast does not own any of the rights to any of the music or extracts featured. It is used only as a tool of education, upliftment and empowerment for and of people of the diaspora.

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