Reggae Uprising Podcast

The Windrush Soundwave

June 28, 2023 Danieal Episode 153
Reggae Uprising Podcast
The Windrush Soundwave
Show Notes

This is the first of two specially produced episodes have been created to honour the Windrush generation.

This first episode ' The Windrush Soundwave'  and the second episode 'The Reality of the Windrush Experience'.

These episodes have been produced to empower future generations, whilst giving thanks to all the elders whose tenacity and resilience are an inspiration to us all.

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Songs/artists featured;

Day dah light (Day-O) - Louise Bennett
Rookumbine - Frats Quintet
Linstead Market - Louise Bennett
Better days are coming - Rod Dennis Mento Band
Big Bamboo - The Jolly Boys
Island in the sun - Lititz Mento Band
Old rugged cross - Rod Dennis Mento Band
Come back Liza - School Children in Westmoreland JA
Hold him Joe - Lord Composer
Touch Me Tomato
Slide Mongoose - Blue Glaze
Breadfruit Season - Count Lashers Seven & Sugar Belly Walker
Mango Time - Count Lasher & SugarBelly Walker
Gal a gully : Matilda - Lord Composer
Chi chi bud - Lord Jellico
Jamaica Land - Blue Glaze
Hill & Gully Rider - Lord Composer

Disclaimer : Reggae Uprising Podcast does not own any of the rights to any of the music or extracts featured. It is used only as a tool of education, upliftment and empowerment for and of people of the diaspora.

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