Reggae Uprising Podcast

Being Worthy of Our Ancestors

June 22, 2022 Danieal Episode 124
Reggae Uprising Podcast
Being Worthy of Our Ancestors
Show Notes

Our Ancestral Series started with Honouring our ancestors, followed by Ancestral Messengers, Ancestral Influencers and last week Ancestral Heartbeat. The popularity of this series shows just how important celebrating our ancestors is to all of us. 

This final episode showcases 3 young stars who are genius' in their own right followed by a powerful speech delivered to Cambridge students by a sister whose mission is to uplift and inspire our community. These soundbites are all accompanied by the musical works of some very talented brothers and sisters.

This episode was created to serve as a positive catalyst for self reflection on your own works. Are they worthy of our ancestors?


D-Medz - Within

4yr old Alannah George scores a 140 on IQ test
Youtube Channel : George Macon

Sevana - Lowe mi

4yr old Anala Beevers has an IQ of 145
Youtube Channel : Edward Listener

Inner Voice - Jah 9

Wide open wednesday - 3 exceptionally intelligent black children (s2:e1)
Youtube Channel : Awakening Frequency Media 

Shuga - Ebony

Ambassador Dr Arikana Powerful Africa Day Sppeech 2022, "AM NOT BLACK, AM AFRICAN"
Youtube Channel : Make Africa Great

Bob Marley - Coming In From The Cold

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Disclaimer : Reggae Uprising Podcast does not own any of the rights to any of the music or extracts featured. It is used only as a tool of education, upliftment and empowerment for and of people of the diaspora.