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Hosted every Wednesday by international singer Danieal; uniting people of the diaspora though the sharing of culture, history and inspirational interviews combined with a love for Reggae music. Go to for more information.

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In this world you get out what you put in...your body is no exception. September 16, 2020 Episode artwork Each one of us are unique in our healing. Could holistic therapies be the answer you've been searching for?September 09, 2020 Episode artwork As if a number 1 hit wasn't enough, Locksley Giche has shared the stage with some of the greatest Reggae artists of all time including Bob Marley.September 02, 2020 Episode artwork Each generation should pass on their wisdom to the next. Tradition band's Les McNeil passes on the guantlet to the future creators of Reggae.August 26, 2020 Episode artwork Who better to hear about the works of Marcus Garvey than from his Great Nephew! Dezzy Roots shares his life, love and legacy.August 19, 2020 Episode artwork Movement of Jah people...Zandela Secka talks Business and Exodus.August 12, 2020 Episode artwork It's sometimes in the darkest of time that we can see the light. Britains Got Reggae founder Cyrlene shows us how she followed hers.August 05, 2020 Episode artwork Jamaica Diaspora UK Chair Maureen Scott-Douglas shares her wisdom on Economics, Trade Union, UK to JA industries and journeying back to Jamaica.July 29, 2020 Episode artwork Roots hold the blueprint for our future fruits. Dawn Riley talks about educating the next generation in an uncertain future.July 22, 2020 Episode artwork Who says you can't be serial entrupenuer? Karl Wilson shares how he partnered with his brother in developing ground breaking businesses to empower our community.July 15, 2020 Episode artwork Midwife Elsie Gayle talks about the impact of diet and wellbeing on new life, how women can ensure the best start for their child and a variety of labour practices.July 08, 2020 Episode artwork Health is your wealth and food is medicine. Jay McCoy shares his knowledge on healing erbs, a plant based diet, alkaline foods and ancient grains to enrich our bodies and minds.July 01, 2020 Episode artwork Sharing our stories Empowers our collective Freedom. Dr Ava Eagle Brown story is one that will open your heart, strengthen your mind and uplift your spirit. June 24, 2020 Episode artwork Knowledge is power. To empower yourself you must overstand the systems of this world. Tedrick Bailey gives us an insight into the system of mental health.June 17, 2020 Episode artwork Rastafarian Empress Zauditu talks about the Mother Land in Part 2 of these Mother Land Special episodes.June 10, 2020 Episode artwork To know where your going, you must know where your coming from. How much do you really know about your roots? Rastafarian Empress Zauditu takes us home in Part 1 of this 2 Part Mother Land Special.June 03, 2020 Episode artwork Rise above the doom and gloom. Let Positivity be your Light to guide you out of the darkness. Shine Strategist Clara Rufai reveals her Secrets to SuccessMay 27, 2020 Episode artwork There's nothing like a worldwide Crisis to reinforce the importance of family and your legacy for the next generation. Second Generation business owner Ian Jackson talks on how his father insured his.May 19, 2020 Episode artwork Are you being Mindful of your Mental Health in Lockdown? Qualified Psychiatric Nurse Sophia Morgan-Genus shares her wisdom in a time where Awareness is Vital to our SurvivalMay 13, 2020 Episode artwork Award-Winning Entrepeneur Merisha Stevenson talks on Money in the Mayhem of the Covid-19 Crisis in Part 2 of this Financial SpecialMay 06, 2020 Episode artwork Award-Winning Entrepeneur Merisha Stevenson talks on Money in the Mayhem of the Covid-19 Crisis in Part 1 of this Two Part Financial SpecialApril 28, 2020 Episode artwork Covid-19 Lockdown Special : Appreciation. Dedication. LiberationApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork In such stressful and anxious times how can we win the fight for our mental well-being against the Covid-19 lockdown? April 14, 2020 Episode artwork What are the future consequences of Covid-19 on our community? Jean-Michael Jordan speaks on the tools we'll need to re-build from the mental and physical destruction caused by this global pandemic. April 07, 2020 Episode artwork Have musicians been given a fair deal in the Corona Virus pay out stakes? Multi-instrumentalist Reed Bass settles the scoreMarch 31, 2020 Episode artwork